Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get Out Already

Blogger is being an arse lately, I can't even post a comment on my own blog so I just have to say Periwinkle, I totally agree!  And nice to see ya back online ;)

It's past midnight so today is officially my due date.  Baby, here is your eviction notice, GTFO.  Thanking you.  I am not a nice pregnant lady, I hate pregnancy, it makes me cranky and this is the longest pregnancy I've ever had so I am not best pleased.  It's been so hot, my fingers have been swelling so typing is awkward and sore.  I've been wasting my time watching videos on youtube instead of you know, writing or doing anything productive.  And my ice-cubes ran out.  I need to chew ice frequently or I get antsy. 

That reminds me, I had an extremely traumatising experience with ants the other day.  I'm still too freaked out to go over what happened but it was gross and stressful and just . . . ew.  Yet even that didn't manage to shift this baby.  I'm beginning to suspect I'll be pregnant for the rest of my life.

My fingers are sore already(!) so I'll just say quickly I've finished two books this week.  I read The Weight of Blood which is a dark fantasy type of thing and part of a five part series I believe although only the first three books are available right now.  The other was Cameo The Assassin, another quirky, hard to define read.  It says Book One on Amazon so I assume this is also part of a series.  I'm still mulling over what to read next.  I think I'm in the mood for some young adult books.  I'm going through a few samples by indies to see what I'm in the humour for.  Any suggestions (available on smashwords if possible) welcome.

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